Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Mr. Charles Lwanga Kaggwa is currently the Dean of SCIAD. He is an accomplished academic, seasoned administrator and artist. His Batik paintings have been a topic for schorlars and the works can be found in homes and public places in almost on all continents.


Dr. Mike Nandala (PhD) currently heads the Department of Applied Art and Design. He is a seasoned academic with significant exposure in Graphic Communication Design, Art History and Painting. He is a very active scholar on the topic of the impact of Tourism on Art production.






Assoc. Prof. Catherine Gombe (PhD) Catherine loves indigenous knowledge and she has conducted research quite extensively on that theme. She is a specialist in Printmaking , product design and research methodology She is a seasoned scholar with many publications to her credit.

Ms. Josephine W. Mukasa holds a Masters degree in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin‐ USA. A seasoned researcher administrator with a particular interest in developing traditional crafting skills into enterprising contemporary product design processes.

Agnes Gwosekera Nsereko (Mrs.) holds a Masters degree in Fabric design and her career has evolved around exploring all forms of design approaches to enhance fabric appeal.

Ms. Sarah Nabunya holds a Masters degree in Fashion Design and lives as a practicing designer, encompassing all aspects of the fashion profession production and promotion.

Prof. Karl Schawelka (PhD) has worked with SCIAD for the last 6 years as a visiting professor (emeritus)  from Bauhaus University(Germany). He is a scholar of Art and Design History with immense exposure to visual culture.

Dr. Jude K. Kateete (PhD) is a seasoned studio artist, with several collaborations on public art in Uganda. He is an Art historian and Cultural Heritage scholar, with interest in multi‐disciplinary Studies.

Mr. Andrew Kivumbi is a specialist draftsman with a career focusing on printmaking and technical drawing. His doctoral studies focus on museum management practices.

Mr. James Kasule holds a masters degree in Graphic Design and is a practicing Digital Graphic Designer and he brings a lot of experience from that field into the lecture and studio sessions.

Ms. Olive Odongo holds a masters degree in Graphic Communication Design and has worked for years with a number of Media Houses in Uganda. She well grounded in printing technology and its contemporary trends..

Moses Lugonvu is a practicing Ceramic and Mosaic artist, a field in which he holds a masters degree. He has worked on several collaborative research projects in Uganda.

Francis Kayongo is a seasoned teacher in Art Education and an artist with a particular orientation to Drawing and Painting.

Grace Namala is a practicing Fashion Designer with a wide professional network in the Fashion industry in Uganda. This network is instrumental in internship placement for the Fashion design class.

Lillian Nakisuyi holds a masters degree in Fashion Accessory Design. She is particularly interested in using up‐cycled material in product design.

Eddie Butindo is a scholar on public art and memorial culture. His doctoral studies focused on monuments in public space in Uganda

Eric Sentamu is currently an assistant lecturer specialising in Digital Graphics, especially contemporary digitised visual communication.

Harryson Walikurungi is currently an assistant lecturer who is multi‐disciplinary, ably handling tasks in both traditional and digital design approaches. He is building a professional career in digitised construction drafting.

About Nkumba University

Nkumba University is one of the largest private universities in East Africa. It was granted a Charter by the Government of Uganda in 2006. The University is a non-profit, non-denominational institution providing an enabling environment for students to achieve competence, creativity, confidence and character so as to think critically and act responsibly in an increasingly competitive national and global environment.