Saturday, February 22, 2020

By sustaining young talent and developing the holistic student-athlete we provide the ultimate student-athlete experience and quality sport participation opportunities to all our communities.

Nkumba University offers a wide variety of disciplines at the highest level. Throughout the year, extensive research is done on top sports achievers equipping Nkumba University sport to recruit the best student-athletes across the country. 

Nkumba University participates in the following sports activities: 

  • Athletics

  • Basketball 

  • Chess

  • Football

  • Handball

  • Netball

  • Rugby

  • Volleyball

  • Wood-ball

 We encourage all students who are passionate about sport and who would like to further their sporting careers to become part of the Nkumba Sport Family. 


About Nkumba University

Nkumba University is one of the largest private universities in East Africa. It was granted a Charter by the Government of Uganda in 2006. The University is a non-profit, non-denominational institution providing an enabling environment for students to achieve competence, creativity, confidence and character so as to think critically and act responsibly in an increasingly competitive national and global environment.