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The School of Commercial Industrial Art and Design (SCIAD) at Nkumba University offers high skill interdisciplinary  education  combining  practice  based  learning,  research  and  business  skills  in  Art  and Design. The curriculum has a wide spectrum of disciplines that enable learners to acquire a highly integral professional attitude since the academic choices they make fit into their passion and career dreams. Many SCIAD graduates serve in public and formal sectors but nearly 80% are in self employment with innovative solutions  to  societal  dynamics.  Learning  in  SCIAD  programmes  is  facilitated  by  a  high  caliber  staff, specialized design studios and a network of training partners from Ugandan businesses who support in onthe job training. Furthermore, SCIAD has international collaborations that enable staff and student mobility to  different  parts  of  the  world,  to  acquire  and  share  knowledge.  The  European  Union  through  its programme of Erasmus+ and the German agency of DAAD are significant partners in this collaboration.


Ones dream career training can be accessed at SCIAD through several study levels namely; Certificate, Diploma,  Bachelors  and  Masters.  Admission  to  PhD  in  Art  and  Design  is  through  the  Postgraduate Directorate of Nkumba University.


Certificate programme focuses on Craft Design skill development and learning options are either 1 or 2 years of study. Graduates can opt to start work after graduation or can upgrade to other academic levels. The 2 year Diploma programmes available are 3: Interior and Landscape Design (ILD) which empowers learners with knowledge  and skills regarding designing aesthetic and sustainable human environments. Graphic Digital Design (GDD) programme which opens one’s mind to the possibilities available in the digital communication design industry. The computer is a critical tool in this study programme as it focuses on technology driven approaches in visual communication. The Vocational Art and Design (VAD) programme gives learners the opportunity to develop core skills that can be applied in dexterous enterprises such as textile production,  ceramic industry, craft production, tailoring, jewellery production  among many. The career  prospects  for  all  diploma  programmes  are  high  since  they  are  self  fulfilling  with  numerous employment and business opportunities available regionally and internationally.


Bachelors programmes at SCIAD have a very dynamic curriculum. They are highly professionalized encompassing  aspects of skill, philosophy, entrepreneurship  and societal responsive learning. The three programmes are; Fashion and Textile Design (FTD) where learning reflects significantly the dynamics of the fashion  industry  right  from  the  mainstream  garment  design  up  to  the  fashion  accessory  production.

Graduates from this programme most times start fashion design businesses and are relatively successful due to the training orientation. The Graphic Communication Design (GCD) programme orients the learner to  appreciate  the  importance  of  business  networks  and  above  all  the  power  of  imagery  in  business promotion.   Graduates   of   GCD   highly   impact   the   advertising   industry   in   Uganda   either   working independently or for graphic and media companies, managing various visual communication aspects.






Commercial Art (CA) programme has remodeled the traditional fine arts of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and the like to respond to the prevailing needs of the contemporary world, away from the confines of the art gallery and art collector. It has been designed to complement other art and design disciplines so, graduates of BCA readily find their relevance in the construction sector, fashion industry as accessory designers, illustrators of print material as well as producers of a wide range of tourist oriented art






All Bachelors programmes involve the key academic components of research work leading to a dissertation, and also internship periods which give learners on the job training.




The Master of Arts in CIAD (MA CIAD) has 2 components namely; MA by coursework and dissertation


where students are taught and guided as they undertake their coursework in theory and practical research. A student accumulates a body of work revealing rigorous exploration through fieldwork and studio excursions. The other MA is by research and thesis where a student undertakes a research on an approved topic and eventually compiles a thesis. With a good uninterrupted study environment, ones Art and Design career dream is guaranteed at SCIAD.




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Mission, Vision and Objectives


To provide and apply knowledge through artistic/design and scientific technology relevant to social and economic development.


To be a leading Commercial Industrial Arts and Design Centre through teaching, research and development of society.


Against the SCIAD mission, the programme has three principle objectives:-

1-            to enhance teaching and research skills in Commercial Industrial Art and Design

2-            to improve quality, capacity and efficiency of students and staff systems.

3-            To offer a high academic quality and competitive programme.



About Nkumba University

Nkumba University is one of the largest private universities in East Africa. It was granted a Charter by the Government of Uganda in 2006. The University is a non-profit, non-denominational institution providing an enabling environment for students to achieve competence, creativity, confidence and character so as to think critically and act responsibly in an increasingly competitive national and global environment.