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The University Council has resolved to re-open Nkumba University with certain conditions.


Applicants are invited to apply for the February 2015 Semester.


Nkumba University wishes to welcome back students on the Day (Fulltime) programme. Please read on to get more details on when specific schools will report back


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On Saturday October 22, 2011 Nkumba University held its 14th Graduation Ceremony at which around 2050 students matriculated in an array of fields at both graduate and post-graduate levels.

The Chancellor, Dr. Gordon Kasibante Babala Wavamuno, presided over the function.  

As is the norm of Nkumba University, prior to the Graduation Ceremony each year, a Commencement Lecture was delivered by Prof. Nshuti P. Manasseh, Senior Economic Advisor in Rwanda, on the topic “Employment Opportunities in the Expanded East Africa Community”.

Prof. Nshuti observed that while governments have the responsibility and duty to create jobs, graduates needed to develop a sense of ambition and confidence as they seek employment beyond national borders.  

Indeed Nkumba University trains students to think critically and act responsibly in an increasingly competitive national and global environment. The University programmes are inclined to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and impart a practical edge so that graduates may have an appeal in the world of work

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regarding the payments for the damages in the recent strike, do those students who have like 2 retakes but on day program also pay the 200000?

Comment added: January 20th, 2015; 04:53pm

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Comment added: January 18th, 2015; 09:26am by lucy j malley

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Comment added: January 18th, 2015; 09:25am by lucy j malley

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Comment added: January 18th, 2015; 09:24am by lucy j malley

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Fees Increment

Who are the candidates that are affected in the increase of fees by the University?

Comment added: December 11th, 2014; 06:11am

C o m m e n t s :

No commitment form

The office of the chairperson of the university spoke of downloading the commitment form from the university website but unfortunately,am not seeing the commitment form in the website.

Comment added: December 10th, 2014; 09:47am

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