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School of Education, Humanities & Sciences

Why Study at SEHS:

On average the School has 260 students each academic year. With the School’s current staff levels of 28 lecturers, the relatively small numbers of students get ample attention from members of staff.

Programmes at SEHS:

Programmes at School of Education, Humanities and Sciences

Departments of SEHS:

The School has a group of members of staff that have been in teacher training for a very long time. For example, the Dean, Prof. J. C. Ssekamwa, has been a teacher for over forty years.

SEHS Staff:

The highly skilled senior staff of SEHS have mentored other staff – 28 in all – to do their job effectively.


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Enlarge photo: Kintu Building where the School of Education, Humanities and Sciences has lecture rooms and offices.

Kintu Building where the School of Education, Humanities and Sciences has lecture rooms and offices.


Be an educationist centre of academic
and professional excellence.


To prepare professionals and other academia
in continuing to become more competent in various
fields and in the pursuit of further knowledge
geared to making education transform society.

The School of Education, Humanities and Sciences (SEHS) was started at the same time that Nkumba College of Commerce and Advanced Studies was transformed into Nkumba University in 1994. The School has since garnered vast and enviable experience in education as well as teacher training, offering unique practical curricular. Indeed some courses in education are offered with the novel blend of Psychology Guidance and Counseling. Additionally, SEHS offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Journalism as well as Diplomas and Certificates in the same course.  

The School inclines to a practical outlook tailored with innovative subject combinations in teacher-training, and has introduced post-graduate programmes for individuals aspiring to become lecturers as well as administrators at universities and other tertiary institutions.

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