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School of Business Administration:

SBA offers Business Administration programmes closely tailored to the market requirements. The School produces IT-savvy graduates and exceptional MBA holders inspired for a business edge.

Sch. of Law and Instit. of Criminal Justice:

Nkumba University School of Law aims at producing law graduates capable of meeting the demands of the global village, with all the growing international commercial activities and the issues disturbing international law and order.

School of Social Sciences:

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School of Education, Humanities & Sciences:

SEHS molds educators with a practical edge entailing school attachments and school practice, a unique blend of subject combinations that includes computer literacy as well as Psychology Guidance and Counseling.

School of Commercial, Industrial Art and Design:

Nkumba University’s School of Commercial, Industrial Art and Design (SCIAD) started in 1979 under the Department of Marketing at the time when the current University was still a College of Commerce.

School of Sciences:

SCOS offers rich subject matter in Hotel, Tourism and Environment studies coupled with a distinct hands-on approach, a well-endowed learning environment, and high caliber academic staff.


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Enlarge photo: On the match to be conferred the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

On the match to be conferred the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

The University has six Schools that promote education in business, sciences and technical disciplines, the arts, social sciences, communication as well as cultural fields. The six Schools include:
  • School of Business Administration;
  • School of Education, Humanities and Sciences;
  • School of Social Sciences;
  • School of Law and Institute of Criminal Justice;
  • School of Industrial, Commercial Art and Design; and,
  • School of Sciences.

The School of Sciences, which was until recently the School of Hospitality and Environment Sciences, was transformed accordingly in order to additionally teach Applied Sciences, which is in line with government efforts to popularize Science and Technology Innovation (STI) in tertiary institutions as well as public life.The School of Law is the only one of its kind in the East Africa region offering programmes leading to the award of Bachelor of Criminal Justice as well as Diplomas in Criminal Justice. These are new programmes suitable for members of the public as well as the Armed Forces such as the Police, Prisons and the Army.

In the course of each academic year, the University sets aside a research fund to facilitate at least 10 research projects from the six Schools of the University. Not only is research budgeted for each year, the University continues to seek other research sponsors. The natural research programme under the Presidential Initiative for Malaria Research is housed at the School of Sciences. Nkumba University is now recognized not only for supporting human health sciences, including related research; in regard to its environmentally friendly stance, it has embarked upon the forestation of its one hundred hectare farmland near Entebbe town.

The University aspires to excel through quality assurance practices as well as external assessment of University programmes and facilities by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA). The aim is to ensure that the University programmes are nationally and regionally accredited and comparable internationally.

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