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Governance of the University
Enlarge photo: Prof. Gordon Babala Kasibante Wavamuno, Chancellor.

Prof. Gordon Babala Kasibante Wavamuno, Chancellor.

Nkumba University is a body corporate granted a Charter by the Government of Uganda in 2006. The University is a private, non-denominational, non-profit institution whose governance is vested in the following organs:
  • The Board of Trustees;
  • The Chancellor; and,
  • The University Council.


The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT), committed to the promotion of Higher Education for national development, includes the following persons:

1. Mr. Edward Kasolo-Kimuli    - Chairperson.
2. Eng. Daniel N. Ssebugwawo - Vice Chairperson.
3. Mrs. Flavia S. Ssewagudde - Trustee/Honorary Treasurer.
4. Prince Besueri K. L. Mulondo - Trustee.
5. Mr. Nelson E.N. Ssebugwawo - Member.
6. Mr. Levi S. K. Walusimbi - Trustee.
7. Mr. Christopher K. Sempa - Trustee
8. Ms. Phoebe N. A. Kintu - Trustee.
9. Mr. Ben Kintu-Kamya - Trustee/Secretary.

The University Council regularly informs the Board of Trustees about key developments regarding the University.


 The Board of Trustees / Foundation Body of Nkumba University.


The University Council

The University Council is the top policy-making organ of the University, and it ensures that the laid down polices are implemented by the various units of the University. The current Council, which is the 3rd Council of Nkumba University, consists of the following persons:

  1. Hon. Dr. David Byatike Matovu - Chairperson.
  2. Dr. Ham-Mukasa Mulira - Vice Chairperson.
  3. Mr. Edward Kasolo-Kimuli - BOT Rep.
  4. Eng. Daniel N. Ssebugwawo - BOT Rep.
  5. Prince Besueri K. L. Mulondo - BOT Rep.
  6. Mr. G.W. Lutaaya-Kamya - BOT Rep.
  7. Mr. James Serufusa-Mukasa - BOT Rep.
  8. Prof. P. E. T. Mugambi - Vice-Chancellor.
  9. Assoc. Prof. Hannington Ssengendo - Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
  10. Eng. Joseph S. Kitamirike - Public Sector Rep.
  11. Architect Joel Kateregga - Private Sector Rep.
  12. Lt. Co. Robert Ssekidde - Private Sector Rep.
  13. Dr. Darlton Elijah Segawa - Headteachers’ Rep.
  14. Mr. Robert Odong Ocheng - Rep, MOES.
  15. Prof. Rebecca Nyonyintono - Public Rep.
  16. Ms. Josephine Wanyana Mukasa - Senate Rep.
  17. Mr. E.S. Kiwanuka - Senate Rep.
  18. Owek. Kabuuza Mukasa - Alumni Rep.
  19. Ms. Irene Namusoke - Alumni Rep (Female)
  20. Prince Benard Zimbe Nakibinge - Staff Rep (Admin).
  21. Mr. Abdul Kabagambe - Staff Rep. (Academic).
  22. Mr. Paul Mugisa - Guild President.
  23. Ms. Jacqeline Ayaa - Vice Guild President.

The University Council operates through its Rules and Procedures, and these are subject to the University Charter. The Council has committees that enable it to carry out its functions as per the Charter.

The University Chancellor

The University Chancellor, Prof. Gordon Babala Kasibante Wavamuno, is the Titular Head of the University. The Chief Executive Officer of the University is the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. P. E. T. Mugambi. The Vice- Chancellor oversees the day-to-day running of the University, and is responsible to the Council. The Vice-Chancellor is assisted in the main by the University Secretary and the Academic Registrar. 

Mrs. M.G. Ssemwezi-Katusabe,
University Secretary

The University Secretary, Mrs. M.G. Katusabe-Ssemwezi, is also the Head of the Secretariat of the University Council. She is Secretary to all the Committees of the University Council. The Office of the University Secretary is in charge of human resources, keeping and maintaining the inventory and superintending the management and development of the University assets. The University Secretary is the Accounting Officer of the University.

The Academic Registrar assists the Vice-Chancellor in the administration and organization of the academic matters of the University, including admissions for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, examinations, research and publications as well as academic staff development.

The Academic Registrar, Mr. Patrick Mulindwa (Acting Academic Registrar), is Secretary to the Senate, which is the top academic organ of the University.The Academic Registrar interacts with the six Schools of the University on a day-to-day basis, and works hand in hand with the Schools as well as the Quality Assurance Directorate to revise existing programmes and develop new ones.

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