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Why Study at SBA
Enlarge photo: Some of the publications of the School of Business Administration.

Some of the publications of the School of Business Administration.

The programmes offered by SBA are closely tailored to the market requirements for Business Administration graduates. The programmes entail a mix of Business Administration (with several areas of specialization), Procurement and Logistics Management, Office Management and Secretarial Studies, Taxation Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Professional Accounting courses and a range of Computing and Information Technology programmes.

SBA also offers Bachelors of Business Law as well as the professional courses in Accounting, such as CPAU and ACCA. Moreover, for all courses, due emphasis is placed on research methods.

A Bachelor of Business Administration programme at Nkumba University is made up of 36 units, with 12 units done each year. This is hardly found elsewhere, and in fact most other business-related institutions barely teach 30 subjects. All the course units are given equal importance, which is rarely the case with the commercial qualifications from other business schools. This helps graduates to be adequately balanced in the world of work. 

The course works are based on case studies undertaken in organizations to give the students a practical edge. In addition to the course works, students are subjected to tests and examinations.

The programmes and their related course units are focused on the market and are reviewed as the trends change. For instance, when the market shifted emphasis onto finance and administration, SBA added human resource management to the accounting specialization. The School also emphasizes the procurement element in the business administration programmes so that the SBA graduate is an all-rounder.

Students of Office Management and Secretarial Studies
undertake instructions in Stenography.

Ethics is emphasized at both the graduate and post-graduate levels. Ethical issues in relation to business, procurement and taxation as well as in matters of human resource management such as recruitment, performance appraisal, salary administration and termination of workers, are underlined.

Pilot studies on quality assurance undertaken by the Inter-University Council reveal that it is Nkumba University’s School of Business Administration that most fittingly teaches business communication, a course unit relating to how business executives and practitioners handle business documents in the communication within their organizations and with other businesses. 

Moreover, there isn’t a single course offered by SBA – be it options in human resource management, accounting, finance and marketing – that is not solidly blended with information technology (IT), computer applications or computer literacy.  That guarantees the requisite computer know-how in one’s professional line.


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