Dr. Francis Kasekende, the University Secretary, was on November 5, 2018 promoted to Associate Professor by the Board of Trustees of Nkumba University on the recommendation of the University Council. He holds a PhD, a Masters Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Education with specialization in Educational Administration and Management as well as a Diploma in Education. Assoc. Prof.  Kasekende has published extensively and has engaged notably in community work. He was since 2012 Senior Lecturer, Head of Department and Acting Dean of Faculty at Makerere University Business School. In addition to human resource management, his academic and practical contribution has been in the areas of Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Development.

As University Secretary at Nkumba University, Assoc. Prof. Kasekende is head of the Secretariat of the University Council and is also the Accounting Officer of the University. His office is in charge of the human resources, keeping and maintaining the inventory and superintending the management and development of the University assets.