Meeting with a counselor is a chance to explore one's hopes and fears, and determine possible courses of action or resolution in a respectful, neutral and confidential environment.

We invite you to work with us; allow us to assist you. First, renew your energy. Then target limiting beliefs that block progress. Learn tools for transforming barriers. Envision the life you want, set goals that will mark your path, and build the support you need to stay at the course.

Many students come to the Counseling Center with concerns about: 

- Stress


- Life decisions. 

-Suicidal tendencies, feeling that life is no longer worth to live 

-Date rape

-Addiction problems

-Relationship problems

If  you are or someone you love or care about is addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, Wasting all your or his money for unconstructive things, having conflicts most of the time with your family, partner, friends and colleagues, suffering from study related problems, feeling like life is no longer worth to live 

Let us help you now