The Directorate of Graduate studies at Nkumba University is in charge of the admission, matriculation and graduation of all graduate students. The graduate courses are offered under Evening and Weekend study sessions.

Doctorate of Philosophy and Masters Degree programmes are intended to offer the highest rewards of learning and discovering in the fields offered by the Schools of the University.

Presently, there are four categories of post graduate programmes; Post graduate Certificates, Postgraduate diplomas, Masters Degrees, and Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD).

Admission Requirements: 

Postgraduate certificate

Any person who has got a degree or degrees from university or institution of higher learning recognized by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). 

Postgraduate diploma (PGD)

A first degree or its equivalent from a University or higher institution of learning recognized by NCHE. In case of PGD in Education, applicants must have at least two teaching subjects at first degree.

Masters programme

Masters degree by Course work and Dissertation/Project

i)    A first degree with second class or its equivalent from a University or higher institution of    learning recognized by NCHE.   

ii)    Graduates with a pass degree and a postgraduate diploma in a relevant field may also be considered. 

Masters degree by Research only

The minimum admission requirements for a Masters Degree by research only, shall be a relevant bachelors Degree of at least a 2ndclass division and a relevant Postgraduate Diploma or equivalent qualifications from higher education institutions or professional bodies recognized by the National Council for Higher Education. In addition, at the point of application the candidate shall have identified a research area and shall be required to present a concept paper on the intended research. 

PhD programme

An applicant to the PhD programme should meet the following requirements:

(a)    Be in possession of Bachelors degree or its equivalent from a university or institution of higher learning recognized by NCHE;

(b)    Possess a master’s degree from a University recognized by NCHE which is in a field relevant to the area of further studies or the equivalent of a Master’s degree with evidence of published educational material relevant to the field;

(c)    Present an acceptable concept paper / synopsis of the intended research area; 

(d)    Passed the pre-entry examination (aptitude) administered by Nkumba University with at least 50% pass mark. The Aptitude test covers general and Research issues, its duration is one hour and the pass mark is 50%.

In addition to its administrative functions, the Directorate serves as a main unit that promotes and provides professional development for students to supplement the efforts of graduate academics and schools. The Directorate is also in charge of reviewing the quality of graduate degree courses and helping with University strategic planning for graduate studies efforts and initiatives. The Vision of the Graduate Directorate is that “Nkumba University will be one of the preeminent universities in graduate studies and research, and a choice for graduate students.” The Graduate Directorate Mission is “to promote the highest quality of graduate studies and to ensure that all NU graduate students, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or other personal characteristics, are afforded the opportunity to achieve their full potential as future scholars and professionals.